DryvitCARE provides information that will
enable the building owner to better understand
 the necessary steps that must be taken
 over time to keep his Dryvit EIFS cladding
 looking and performing like new.
 DryvitCARE offers tips for cleaning, repairing
 and restoring EIFS and ultimately, via the
 Platinum Warranty Program, the opportunity to obtain
 a new EIF system warranty for existing buildings.



  Dear Dryvit Building Owner,
If you are reading this, you probably own a building clad with Dryvit EIFS. It is very likely a Dryvit system was initially chosen because of its design flexibility, energy efficiency, installed cost and ease of maintenance. You are not alone. In over 35 years as market leader in North America, Dryvit is proud to have been chosen to supply the exterior cladding on over 400,000 structures, and we are pleased to include you on that list. The DryvitCARE program is designed specifically for you. Over the years, your building may have had alterations, a change of primary use or is just showing its age. This brochure contains the information and expertise to guide you in restoring your Dryvit system to its original condition ― or to update its look using 21st Century materials and

finishes that may not have been available when your building was first completed. Either way, you have exciting options.

I want to personally thank you for your trust in Dryvit, and we look forward to helping ensure your building remains beautiful and energy efficient for many years to come.


Peter Balint
President and CEO




A small investment in
routine maintenance can pay
 long-term dividends in performance.
 Inspect your building's exterior
 annually and clean it thoroughly
 as needed. This will identify problems
 when they are small and will keep
 your building looking its best.





It is important to conduct a visual inspection of the building exterior for signs of damage or dirt, and clean it as needed. This is particularly important if the building is close to a highway or in a damp climate, where there are high levels of dirt, mildew, algae or other pollutants. These conditions will affect the frequency of cleaning.

Pressure washing can be harmful to the integrity of a Dryvit system if not done by a skilled professional. The best way to clean your Dryvit EIFS is to use high water volume coupled with low water pressure and non-abrasive cleaners. Do not use caustic chemicals or abrasive cleaning techniques, which will permanently damage the finish. Always refer to Dryvit's most recent cleaning guidelines (DS152) before cleaning.

During the inspection, look for the following (in addition to the dirt mentioned above):

  • Worn, damaged, or leaking sealant around the openings or expansion joints

  • Direct damage to the EIFS (e.g. cracks/holes/attachments)

  • Damaged or deteriorated flashing

  • Damage to other exterior wall components

If these conditions, or any damage to the building envelope are found, we recommend contracting the services of a trained EIFS professional to immediately repair and minimize potential further damage. Your local Dryvit distributor can recommend a professional contractor. Be sure they use only Dryvit-approved components.





Sealant and flashing
 play a significant part in the
 performance of any building's
 exterior cladding system.
 Maintaining a weathertight seal
 around all penetrations and at
 interfaces with dissimilar materials
 helps ensure the optimal
 protection for your building.





All building materials, including sealant, have a useful lifespan and will invariably wear with age.

Sealant is designed to move and flex with the building's exterior, and as such it endures a great deal of stress. That movement wears out the sealant more rapidly than other rigid cladding components. Common evidence of failing sealant is cracking or loss of adhesion with points of contact. The sealant joints on your building should be inspected by a trained professional at such time that any evidence of failure is noticed. Failed or worn out sealant should be replaced to ensure that the building envelope is not allowing water into the building.


Leaks in the building envelope compromise the energy efficiency of the Dryvit EIF system and can lead to interior damage as well.

Any sealant replacement or repair should be performed by a professional contractor trained in the application of high-performance sealant.




One of the great benefits Dryvit offers
is the vast number of aesthetic options
available to the building owner,
any of which creates new beauty.
Whether you choose to simply recoat
 your building or to change its look
 entirely, Dryvit leads the way with a
 range of materials fit for this purpose.





By insisting on a listed DryvitCARE contractor* and using genuine Dryvit products for your Dryvit system, product compatibility is ensured, and your investment will be sound for many years to come.

You have the opportunity to restore your building to its original beauty and performance. You can also achieve a fresh architectural look by incorporating shapes and finish options that may not have existed when your building was first constructed. 

Today, in addition to the familiar range of Dryvit textured, acrylic finishes, there are 21st century options available

that provide the appearance of brick, limestone and granite, at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials. This may also be a prudent time to consider adding additional insulation to the exterior of your building in order to maximize your energy savings.


* A listed DryvitCARE contractor is a firm that has received instruction on the proper handling and use of Dryvit products. Each contractor is an independently owned and operated business and bears the responsibility for its own work.  Dryvit assumes no liability for the work performed by a listed DryvitCARE contractor.



DryvitCARE Platinum Warranty


The success of a building
is measured by its
return on investment.
A building that looks good
 and performs well
pays that return everyday.





The DryvitCARE concept defines for the building owner the necessary maintenance needed to ensure the long-term performance of his EIFS-clad building.

Followed faithfully, this enables the owner to:

  • Identify signs of exterior problem and correct them before they cause more serious damage

  • Keep the building exterior looking clean and new

  • Maximize energy efficiency of the EIFS cladding

  • Maintain and increase curb appeal

  • Upgrade the exterior using new technology


The Platinum Warranty involves independent, third-party building envelope consultants and results in a written prescription for your building's exterior renewal.  Each building will have different requirements, but the end result is a new, transferable system warranty for your Dryvit EIFS. Ask your Dryvit distributor about this exciting program, or call Dryvit at 888-275-3629.

Your building is a large investment. Following the DryvitCARE concepts and taking advantage of the DryvitCARE Platinum Warranty Program sends a powerful message to your shareholders and tenants that says "I care."


  Dryvit Systems, Inc., founded in 1969 and headquartered in West Warwick, Rhode Island is the world's leading manufacturer of exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). For more than 40 years , Dryvit has continually been at the forefront in the development and manufacturing of innovative exterior wall systems and products.

A global company, Dryvit operates five manufacturing facilities across North America and owns subsidiaries in Poland and China. Dryvit's systems and products are distributed world-wide and are  supported by a large network of technical sales and field service managers. Every

Dryvit manufacturing facilities in North America are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, the world wide standard for product consistency, quality and excellence as well as environmental stewardship. The certifications set the tone for Dryvit's leadership and ongoing commitment to high -quality products and service.

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